Hi, I'm Arden

Just a small town girl, living on Maryland's Eastern Shore... ok ok, I will stop before this turns into a Journey parody. Seriously, though, I was born and raised in the small town of Easton and am still proud to be calling it my home town today. I studied Visual Communications for 4 years at Stevenson University (it was Villa Julie for the first 2 years, until they switched the name up). After graduating in May of 2011, a few months later I became a graphic designer and web specialist at What's Up? Media in Annapolis. After 6 years, I started working at NXC Media as their Promotion Design Specialist. That's where I still am today! 

How do I occupy my spare time, you ask? Well, other than working on freelance projects outside of work, I enjoy staying as active as possible. Traveling and photography are a strong passion of mine, along with simply spending time with close friends and family. 

You can find me on Facebook or visit the contact section of my website to get in touch with me.